Balt LED Module,  Sloan LED Module , Signage LED illuminated - Crown Opto X2

175° Prism LED module

  Signage LED illuminated , Crown Opto X2 , HMC05


Model HM-C05 / 2LED
Voltage 12v DC
2 LED 1W 110LM /pcs
Color White / OEM
Waterproof IP67 ABS injection Waterproof
Warranty 5 Years warranty. MOQ 5000pcs
175°lens Signage LED illuminated - Crown Opto X2 / 2022 Nova LED Module Designed By Helminer LED
  • Channel letter signs and single-sided lightboxes
  • Recommended depth 80 – 150 mm

Crown OPTO LED Module – a great option for middle-range depth projects when economical, although a quality solution is needed
 LED Modules, Crown Opto S2, Balt LED   , Signage LED , Sign LED,

This series LED Module also have another option :

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