LED moduly do reklám

175° lens + Constant current drive



Model HM-C03
Voltage 12v DC
HM-C03/B Power by OSRAM
2LED 1W 110LM
HM-C03/C Power by OSRAM
3LED 1.44w 160LM
Waterproof IP67 Korean LG ABS Fire-proof material
Warranty 5 Years warranty. MOQ 5000pcs
2020 Brand new design PMMA lens. Big 175° Lens. Popular LED MODULE In European Market !
  • Drive : constant current drive , more stable .
  • LG ABS : Korean LG fireproof abs material, top quality .
  • OSRAM LED : LED provided by OSRAM , 1w 2835 high power led chip .
  • 1.6mm pcb : 1.6mm double side PCB
  • 175° : 175° PMMA Lens
  • 18AWG power wires

Test : 9pcs/square ( 80cm * 80cm * 10cm light box )
Minimum quantity : 16pcs / square ( 10cmm light box )
LED moduly pro reklamu

Power by OSRAM. 6 Years warranty . Top quality + 175° new design PMMA lens + Constant current drive

LED moduly pro oboustranné světelné panely

 12V DC LED moduly pro světelnou reklamu

Real 1.6mm thickness double layer FR4 ---2 Oz Cooper : Good conductivity of heat and electricity !
( 3LED PCB Board : Constant current drive + More stable )

LED osvětlení, LED pásky, LED moduly,

High Power Edge LED Module | Side LED Module . Use for Double side light box side lighting.

 Moduli LED per insegne luminose, LED FOR LIGHT BOX

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