Double Face Cabinets leds, prism led module, baltled module, luco led module

Depth 120-300mm, 1 ~ 4meter wide light box / cabinet

    Iluminación perimetral modulares , EDGE LIT LED Module, Perimeter led module


Model HM-D02/6.4W
Voltage 24V DC
Power 6.4W
LM 832 LM /pcs
Dimension 174x31.5x13.8mm
Color White. OEM Yes
Waterproof IP68 ABS injection Waterproof
Warranty 7 Years warranty. MOQ 500pcs

High Power Edge Lit LED Module , Stellar 6.4w 832 LM For light box ( 1meter - 4meter wide)

Design for 1-4m Height Light Box (Thickness > 120mm)
    6.4w 832lm LED Module für Kanteneinstrahlung

  • Innovation V optics design can get excellent homogeneous requirement – 1m ~ 4m light box
  • Powered by OSRAM LED
  • Beam angle 11° x 80°

From retrofits and new builds to modules for wide and bright cabinets, HELMINER LED offers the most versatile solutions to illuminating your cabinet sign.
Our modules require less labor and use less product, cutting your costs in half.
We take pride in developing cutting edge products that meet the level of quality you expect when building your cabinet sign.

     Lucoled Edge Lighting EL37 modules

    Cabinet Sign Solutions

   Stellar Edge
For edging lightboxes 1’ to 10’ across, the 24-volt S-1720 in the Stellar Edge series reduces labor costs by 60%!

    LED-Module für Kanteneinstrahlung, auch bekannt als Zargen-LEDs,

Cabinet Sign Solutions - Various Options

DC24V 7.2W 800LM /pcs (HM-D02/7.2W)
Use for 1.5m - 4m Large light box
DC24V 2.7W 270LM /pcs (HM-D02/2.7W)
Use for 0.5m - 2m Medium light box
DC24V 2.4W 312LM /pcs (HM-D02/2.4W)
Use for 0.6m - 1.5m Small light box

LED Sign Edge Light Modules | Same HYUNDAI,GOQ LED quantity, best price,

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HELMINER LED , Our broad range of LED signage products cover the vast majority of applications where LED lighting is needed and includes specialised LED modules for flex faced and acrylic faced sign boxes, built-up letters, edge lighting for both single and double sided boxes as well as new flexible ribbon-like products suitable for a multitude of applications.

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