Módulo LED para rótulos luminosos

Deluxe LED module

  Módulos LED para rótulos luminosos, y letras coporeas, Apil LED


Model HM-D05/B
Voltage 12v DC / 24v DC
LED LED Provided by OSRAM
Power 1W 110LM
1.2w 147LM
Color 3000k, 4000k, 6500k
Waterproof IP67 Fire-proof LG-ABS injection
Warranty 5 Years warranty. MOQ 5000pcs
OSRAM LED SMD2835 .Reach high lumen with low power, save cost on power supply
  • 2022 Brand New Design
  • Lens : 175° degree beam angle
  • LED By OSRAM : High Color consistency (MacAdam 3), each family one bin
  • Best wholesale price . Low minimum order quantity

 170° – 1W – 1 TXT SLIM, Iluminación posterior 170° / 175° modulares

Helminer LED. China Signage LED illumination LED Modules OEM manufacturer. Same Technology with Sloan LED. Balt LED.
    1. Feature and Benefits
    2. Top quality LED
    3. Significaly wide beam angle
    4. Outstanding pitching
    5. Pure 3SDCM
    6. Aluminum PCB for the best thermal management
    7. Two side holes for module locking
    8. Slim design

  •   Modulos led para rotulos, modulos led para carteleria y módulos led

    we introduce a better solution for illumination of slim light boxes. Designed for depths ranging from 50 to 150 mm. This solution also allows you to reduce installation time and save up on module quantity. As they have a better light distribution pattern, you need less modules for 1m2 compared to competitor solutions.

      LED module for single-sided light boxes, 12V | 1.2W | 7000K | 176° | IP66 | 30 modules per chain

      Crown Opto SHF-1, Balt LED Modules

    There series also have 1.44w , 2w can be chosen.
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    2W / 1.44W LED Module
    Módulo LED para rótulos luminosos SMD3030 2W

    Miss Emma   :   emma.helminer@gmail.com

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    • Edge LED Module For Double light box
    • 175° 160 LM/w, 110 LM/w, 2022 Innovation LED Modules
    • Email our sale manager right now : Emma.Helminer@gmail.com

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