NEON LED Module für Lichtwerbung, Leuchtbuchstaben

Replace regular led screen

 LED grid screen, led mesh screen, transparent led grid grilles screen


  • LED grid screen is a bar compiled of grid-like LEDs utilized for outdoor or glass curtain walls, tops of buildings, etc.
  • Light weight, excellent wind load
    Screen body provides a good ventilation and, thus, a remarkable wind load.
  • Improved efficiency multiplied by low power demand
    High brightness as well as conversion efficiency make the most of money saving.
  • Excellent integration
    Energy supply and receiving card are built-in, each element can work separately.
  • Easy to install, manage and maintain
    No steel structures and air conditioning requirements,
LED Grid Wall decoration Screen
 P30 P50 P60 SMD3535 Waterproof LED Mesh Display
 P50 LED Pixel Mesh Dot Screen,Media Lighing | Creative lighting, Tower light, Mesh screen
 Transparent Small Flexible LED Screen Mesh P100 P80 P50 P40 For Facade Lighting
  Transparent Soft Led Mesh Screen / Flexible Soft LED mesh screen curtain

The LED grid screen, protection grade reaches IP68, anti-storm, anti-salt fog, dust proof, anti-pollution, anti-strong storm, anti-UV, long service life.

There also have another LED Grid screen can be chosen
 mesh led screen, media facade, mesh led display, transparent led display,

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