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24v DC 3W Deluxe LED module

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Model HM-D01/D
Voltage 24v DC
2 LED 315LM
Angle 14*32°
Color White / OEM
Waterproof IP66 PVC injection Waterproof
Warranty 5 Years warranty. MOQ 3000pcs
LED edge module cool white 6500K 3W 32°x14° 24V IP66 / Heminer LED Technology
  • The LED module chains for edge irradiation were developed for the lateral illumination of light boxes, light signs, etc.
  • developed. The modules are equipped with special lenses. The edge is the surrounding frame of a light box.
  • These so-called frame modules are mounted on the side and direct the emitted LED light to the opposite side of the light box. Both one-sided and two-sided light boxes are evenly illuminated. Above all, advertising technicians, stand builders or shop fitting specialists for shop fitting use the numerous areas of application of these LED modules. The desired visual effect is achieved through the correct placement of the modules.

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175° lens. LED provided by OSRAM. Brand new LED Module
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