220V diffuse lens classical LED module

  Modulos Led Para Rotulos | Sigange , Signs, Light Box, Builing LED Lighting Solutions


Model HM-E01
Voltage 220V
2 LED 2.8W
LM 210 LM /pcs
Color White.
Waterproof IP67 ABS injection Waterproof
Warranty 5 Years warranty. MOQ 1000pcs
220V Signage LED illuminated -
Modulos Led Para Rotulos | Sigange , Signs, Light Box, Builing LED Lighting Solutions
    Areas of application

  • Signage and illuminated advertising.
  • Back-lighting for medium and large light box, channel letter.
  • Can be working at AC100V , AC220V
  • Best for 75mm ~ 250mm depth.

91mm x 25mm size,
Special design for outdoor tall buildings light box light
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signage led illumination led modules , HME01 Helminer LED Module
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  1. Wider optics lens design can get more uniformity light spot in application.
  2. - Can be working at AC220V without driver connecting.
  3. 3 years warranty (design lifetime: 40khrs).
  4. IP68 Waterproof

ABS injection waterproof. IP67 Waterproof for outdoor use.
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220v Módulos LED para rótulos

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Módulo LED para rótulos 2.8W 230V IP68

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220v Módulos LED para rotulación y aplicaciones varias

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