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2.4W Edge module led : CE RoHS approval, Epistar chips with top quality

Model LED Type LED Qty Emit Angle Color Voltage Power
HM-D01(B) SMD3030 1LED 45*18° White DC12V 2.4w 37.5*29.5*13.7 20pcs
warranty : 5 years
waterproof :IP67 abs injection
brightness : 200LM/pcs

Epistar 3030 big chips , super brightness , low light decay , long life time .
Aluminum pcb , best heat dissipation for the chips .
Constant current drive design , make sure the best lighting consistency .

Dimension : 2.4W Edge module led

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45*18° emitting angle, special design edge moduli led , side lighting for the double face light box .
20pcs/group , each led can but cut , easy to install , long life time , more save power , ce rohs approved .

Installation : 2.4W Edge module led

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Products Img : small size , super brightness :

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