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Epistar SMD3830 2.4w 200LM

LED in der Lichtwerbung, 2.4W high power led modul


Model HM-D01/B
Voltage 12V DC 2.4w 200LM/pcs
Lens PMMA 45*18° lens
Drive Constant curretn drive / 20pcs/group
Color 6500K Pure white color
Waterproof IP67 ABS injection (fire-proof material)
Warranty 5 Years warranty. CE RoHS approval
Minimum Order Quantity 2400PCS / Model
Product Benefits :
5 Years warranty : 12v 200LM IP67 ABS injection 2.4w High power LED module for double sided shop display light box

2.4W High Power Side LED Module
Epistar 3830 big chips , super brightness , low light decay , long life time . (5 years warranty)
Enhance Aluminum pcb , best heat dissipation for the chips .
Constant current drive design , make sure the best lighting consistency .

 LED Module,Lichtwerbung,BOXLED,Box-LED,Led,Led module,leuchten

45*18° PMMA lens :
Special design for 100-200mm shop llight box side lighting. (single/dobule sided)
Constant current drive design :
Make sure all LEDs in one group have the best lighting consistency.
 Zur Backlighting und für die Lichtwerbung ,LED-Technik

6500K Epistar SMD3830 2.4w 12v DC High power IP67 Side injection led module for double sided light box lighting.
( Zur Backlighting und für die Lichtwerbung )

Features :

Best for 100mm - 200m thickness ( Length < 2Meters) indoor/outdoor double sided shop dispaly light box.
< 80mm thickness can use our another innovation side led module : Moe Information

  BOX Side klein. Rote LED-Module. Power LED. Power LED. Buchstaben als Rüchstrahler. LED-Stripes für div. Anstrahlungen und Schaukasten- ausleuchtung.

Side Lighting LED Module For Light Box / Signage / Illuminated Signs / Advertisign Project Light/ LED-Technik

2.4w 6500K High power led module with big lens for lightbox / shop signs : IP67 waterproof 5 Years warranty.
(BOX Side klein. Rote LED-Module. Power LED. Power LED. Buchstaben als Rüchstrahler. LED-Stripes für div. Anstrahlungen und Schaukasten- ausleuchtung.)

  LED - Modultechnik - Helminer Lichtwerbung

Various High Power LED Module for shop light box back lighting and side lighting ( Indoor / Outdoor )

Side LED Module | Back LED Module
 Module für Lichtwerbung

Note :
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HM-D05/D : 1.44w 145LM/pcs Back LED Module
HM-D01/A : 1.44w 145LM/pcs Side LED Module

  Led Modul 12V in Lichtschläuche  ,

Helminer LED Technology : 10 years LED Advertising Lights production experience.

Most of times we supply OEM service for our customers,1LED 2LED 3LED 4LED Module For shop Illuminated sign, 3D letters, Signage, High power led module for shop light box, single sided or double sided light box, Indoor or Outdoor led back light.(Module für Lichtwerbung)

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