Modulo LED per grandi insegne

1LED High Power LED Module

 Moduli LED per insegne luminose, cassonetti monofacciali e bifacciali, lettere scatolate e comunicazione visiva in generale.


Model HM-D05/D
Voltage 12v DC
LED by EPISTAR 3030 145lm/pcs 1.44w
200lm 2w
View Angle 170°
Color 6500K White / (OEM Yes)
Certification CE RoHS
Waterproof KOREAN LG ABS Fire-proof material
IP67 Waterproof
Warranty 5 Years warranty.
170° PMMA Lens + Korean LG ABS + 1.6mm Enhance Aluminum PCB + Epistar Big Chips + Best wholesale price

20pcs / Gorup . Each LED can be cut !
 Moduli LED per bifacciali

  • 2020 New Updating :
  • Lens : PMMA 170° lens. Not PC lens
  • Drive can be constant current drive / constant voltage drive
  • LED Source by Epistar SMD3030 Big chips / OSRAM 2835 Chips
  • Color : normal is 6500k, 3000k, 4000k, also can be chosen.

  Moduli Led per grandi dimensioni

Best for 80-250mm single light box

Minimum modules positioning:

Box thickness A B C  
80 130 130 40
100 200 200 45
150 230 300 80
200 230 350 100
250 230 350 130
5 years warranty, CE RoHS approval . Use for outdoor illuminated shop signs, 3D letters, light box back lighting.

· LED module with special Lens 170 ˚, the particular light diffusion. makes it suitable for signs and boxed leters with a thickness from 80 to 250 mm.
· The excellent heat dissipation performed by the module aluminum. base reduces light degradation and chromatic deviation.
· Module with integrated current stabilizer.
· Production date printed inside of module for the traceability.
· The fixing holes and the double-sided tape allow a quick installation.
· Fully encapsulated LED module.

 Moduli LED per Insegne - Modulo 1 LED 1.44W con Lente 170 ...

There also have 1w, 1.2w small high power led module can be chosen.

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1.2w LED Module
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All of our led modules delivered from ,Helminer LED Technology are 100% aging-tested before release and CE-certified, RoHS compliant.

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